My "MEADOW" Dreadnaught is a copy in dimensions only of an early 70’s Martin D-18. This is my first carbon fiber acoustic guitar construction design. The dimensions have remained constant however changes to the process and materials evolved over numerous instruments. The gallery exhibits some of these early prototypes and other instruments with both wood and “Corion” fretboards and bridges.

An early Dreadnaught with an ebony fretboard and bridge with pearl dots. The sides are painted burgandy to match the headstock which has a birdseye maple facing.

Pearl and rosewood detail on a Dreadnaught.

Hole detail on a Dreadnaught with rosewood board and bridge and rosewood and pearl trim around the sound hole.

An early prototype Dreadnaught with maple board and bridge.

Dreadnaught headstock detail.

Customers Gibson style fret markers on a Dreadnaught.

A Dreadnaught with white corion bridge and board. Note the rounded upper bout.

A left handed Dreadnaught with pau ferro bridge and fret board and custom pick guard.

A Dreadnaught with rosewood bridge and fretboard and rosewood and pearl trim.


My Cutaway has a body loosely modelled after a pre-war Martin and features my own neck and headstock design. This instrument has a black Corion fretboard and bridge with an inlaid pickguard.

A customer's white Cutaway with "Corion" board and bridge, stainless steel frets, abalone trim and a string attachment method copied from another of the customer's guitar. This feature helps to improve the balance of the guitar however with no bracing under my soundboard my instruments are already very well balanced. The guitar was painted white as my customer is an outdoorsman and was concerned about the possibility of accidently leaving it in the sun on a hot day. Black carbon fiber will absorb heat about as efficiently as just about any other material. It stays cool with the paint job...looks pretty good also.

A Cutaway with corion board and bridge. Trimmed in pearl.

This "MEADOW" Cutaway has a body loosely modeled after a pre-war Martin and features my own neck and headstock design.

An early Cutaway with macasgar ebony board and bridge.

Cutaway made for musician James Cameron

Corion fretboard, turquoise trim, gold "EVO" frets, and custom white paint job. An under saddle pickup with tone and volume control knobs is also installed.

A Cutaway with macasgar ebony fret board and bridge. Spalted maple trim and stainless steel frets.

Electric Guitars

This gallery contains pictures of some of the electric guitars I made many years ago. All are still being played. None are for Sale.

My son's left handed Strat with a Floyd Rose tremelo, EMG pickups and a custom pick guard. My first guitar.

Left handed Les Paul made for my son. Note the skull and bones on the head stock. I made this one when Guns & Roses were big.

Two old hollow bodied Teles. They are 25 years old and are played regularly. Both have set necks reinforced with carbon fiber. Neither has a truss rod. The one on the left is cherry and the other has a mahogany body with a rosewood top. The headstock is Gibson with a Fender scale length.

Stratocaster with a one piece maple neck, ash body and a humbucker in the bridge position. Custom wooden pick guard. A match for the Tele.

Another of my son's electrics. A hollow bodied instrument with an under saddle pick up. Mahogany body with a set neck and Birds eye maple top and ebony fret board and bridge.

Gibson style headstock with rose inlay.

"Emery" Resonator Guitars

These brand new models are primarily electric instruments however they can hold their own at an acoustic jam. The humbucker has a warm jazzy tone when played alone but can be blended with the dobro pickup to produce some very unique tones.

My second Resonator guitar. Pickups are selected or blended via seperate on board volume controls. There is no structure or bracing inside the instrument to inhibit the sound generated by the cone. It can be set up to play flat on your lap with a steel or as a slide guitar. A symmetrical shaped instrument with a deeper body will be available by early summer.