Hey Mike...

Q. Why are you making guitars out of carbon fiber?

A. Well, because I can... I also don't think that the other carbon fiber guitars I have seen made proper use of the materials.

Q. Why Meadow? Why Emery?

A. They are the names of my two granddaughters.

Q. I like to sing in the shower, can I also play my Meadow?

A. Absolutely, but not if it's plugged into an amp. A Meadow guitar can also be handy on a canoe trip as it can always double as a paddle.

Q. How can I try a Meadow?

A. Come to Waterloo. If in Kitchener you could also visit Bob's Guitar Service and try one there (bobsguitarservice.com). If neither option works then get in touch and we can see what can be done.

Q. What does a Meadow cost?

A. They start at $2,000. for a custom made instrument. A full compliment of options and aesthetic detail could add $500 to $700 - taxes in. There are a limited number of finished instruments for sale. Get in touch for details.

Q. What about a warranty?

A. My guitars are warranted to the original owner against any manufacturing defect for a lifetime. Since it's me that will honour this I guess it will have to be my lifetime.