I began making guitars 25 years ago when my left handed son announced that he was going to be a player. We purchased a Fender Japanese Squire Strat and he rapidly became proficient. It was then we discovered that we already owned the only left handed electric available in our part of the world. Having a well-equipped work shop I copied the squire and added a Floyd Rose tremolo, EMG pickups, jumbo frets and an altered fret radius. After that I got rather carried away and made numerous electrics for my son and some of my friends. The electric gallery pictures many of these instruments.

For most of my working life, my field of expertise has been with reinforced plastics, so I decided to apply this experience, along with my love of guitar-making, to develop excellent acoustic instruments made with alternative materials.

My first model is a copy of a Martin D-18 dreadnaught. This guitar was chosen because its symmetrical design allows for both left and right hand models. I also have a number of these instruments available to me for sound comparison. Tests were conducted with audio equipment capable of measuring and charting decibels and frequencies. Audio signatures of numerous instruments were recorded and compared to prototypes during the development stage. Audio signatures were also taken from a number of traditional woods used for sound boards (cedar, spruce, etc.) and compared to the many composite material samples that I made. These experiments led to the materials and process used to create my sound board. Not only does it sound like wood when tapped, but the graphs are very similar. It is more than strong enough to allow for no bracing on the underside. This makes for a very well balanced instrument with great volume. I offer a number of construction choices that alter some of the tonal qualities of the instruments. The innovative use of ‘Corion’ for fret boards has made for extremely smooth, consistent playablity.

The entire guitar body is molded in one piece with carbon fibre and epoxy resin. The neck is hollow with no truss rod and it will never move. It’s extreme strength and stiffness creates great sustain. Once cured, these materials offer a lightweight, extremely strong structure that is impervious to any sort of climatic change. There is no need to be concerned about humidity control and storage conditions. They are not unbreakable however they can withstand much more abuse than a wooden instrument. Although not recommended, if you choose to store it outside without a case, with a “Corion” fret board and stainless steel frets, only the strings will suffer.

I make each guitar one at a time. Quality and attention to detail are paramount. Every instrument I make is a “one of a kind guitar” with intricate inlays and specialized fret boards. I will never duplicate the aesthetic details. You can be assured that your guitar is the only one like it anywhere in the world.

The players can customize their fret board, with a choice of wood (ebony, rosewood, maple, etc.) or synthetic “Corion” - and fret size along with colours and other cosmetic details can be incorporated into the instrument. Stainless steel frets are also available. A number of on board amplification systems have been successfully tested in both solo and band performances. Again, the instrument can be tailored to the customer’s wishes.

The port located on the top bout enhances the players’ experience by directing sound towards them. Testing with sophisticated sound measuring equipment also shows an overall increase in volume due to this change.

The rounded top edge makes it much more comfortable to play.

If you are looking for an instrument that can withstand the rigours of the road and deliver consistent performance night after night, or if you’re looking for a truly unique guitar like no other on this planet then please consider a “Meadow”. Join the list of accomplished musicians who have already been amazed by what they hear and feel.